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Break’s Over – What’s Next….

A little spontaneous West Wing revival occurred recently on holiday in the West of Ireland and fans will recognise these popular statements in my title from the show.

Readers have remarked on my prolific writing and publishing in the past and that’s all gotten quite slow and sluggish lately.

So by way of enticing you to read and get involved again as well as providing me with some accountability here’s what I’ve been working on over the summer and what I hope to be working on in the near future:

  • Church Attending, Leaving & Legacy (In Two Parts)
  • Fat Westerners – How we live in the face of Gaza, Syria and the Central African Republic for example
  • Connection Synchroblog
  • Gender & Clothing
  • Theology Mattering – Why we need to engage with theology when we talk about bodies, war, health and sex
  • Downward Mobility (for D.L Mayfield) – How I discovered downward by finding where I was
  • Sex Work Series
  • Why Marriage or Not (In two parts by guest writers)

There’s also been talk over a fancy bottle of whiskey of a fresher, cleaner and generally prettier site here – so watch this space….

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