I’m here because I like words and think they are important.   They resource my relationships, my working life, my writing life, my quiet time, my resolutions and my revolution.  In the tender years of my fourth decade I draw provocation, challenge, contentment and inspiration from many words in many places and have given into the temptation to add some of my own.

I grew up in the beautiful, warm and sunny south of England, in a noisy, toast filled family.  Days outdoors, laughing at and with each other and in earnest and intense Christian faith.

A fascinating legacy inhabits this now scruffy faith, that has been altered by love, loss and travels.  Hesitancy has replaced intensity and the distant, violated body on a crucifix (that was very little but a symbol and a stick) has become the body that speaks to my body and others bodies around me.

Some things that are important and valuable to me:

A certain joy dynamic when protesting injustice, advocating for the voiceless or reading and writing words that cause a big lump in my chest.

My day job working with LGB&T victims and families of hate crime and homelessness

My need to get outside regularly and look at the sky

My large, silly and amazing family
My precious life partner and marriage
A sense of the divine and nurturing spirituality
Homeless children and babies

I’ve ended up settling, for a while, in Belfast, Northern Ireland via Dublin and Manchester first.  I’ve  been nearly ten years in this part of the world and there is great beauty, quality and community here held in tension with my fears of mono-culturalism, limited leadership and normative structures that lurk around many corners.

I’ve a few hats in life so it’s important to say here that all opinions, comments and quotes on this blog are my own etc.

I am a foster carer and I lurk around the congregation and leadership council of East Belfast Mission there’s also some faith, sexuality and LGB&T inclusion stuff going on in the background.

I’m fairly keen on the discovery and recovery of feminism for contemporary society and I believe it is important for women to receive and respect it’s legacy but my interpretation of feminism goes far beyond the female body/person to embrace the liberative cry against all oppression I believe feminism has enhanced.

A body theologian through and through (located within but not exclusive to the Christian story/tradition) I’ve found an understanding and experience of full embodiment in our bodies and an incarnated  spirituality can provoke and inspire us to flourish and liberate ourselves, each other and the world.

I care about and think alot about politics and economics, I don’t take my vote for granted and I wish that I could feel something other than useless or powerless when it comes to the world stage, particualrly when I think about my layers of privilege.

I am a theory geek, a food and fiction snob, a list maker, a purveyor of many dresses, whilst I love cakes and china you’ll not find me writing about any of that here,  I like strains of dance music as well as all the beautifully haunting stuff, I can’t stand gender stereotyping at any age, I run, I swim, I bike and hike.

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