There are some self contained series here on the blog and a few rolling ones that I include pieces I write in.  This page is to help you identify and explore them.

Dangerous Teaching

A series exploring ideas and teaching that is subversive, radical, provocative and dangerous.

Where We Really Start Talking About Sex

Virginity & Purity




An accidental series that grew out of the protests and riots that wrecked Belfast in late 2012 and early 2013 – moved to write after a week of going to sleep with helicopters overhead these essays and accounts remain the most popular on the blog so far.

Under My Skin

What Could & Might Happen Next

Five Consecutive Nights

‘It’s not about a flag anymore…’

‘She should be asking what’s for breakfast…’

‘I wanted to go home…but I knew I couldn’t get home…’

Patriotism & Swagger

Fierce Leading

An election inspired series about leadership – profiling some unexpected and/or under the radar female leaders in Northern Ireland

Fierce Leading (1) ‘I dream of a Northern Ireland marked by mercy’

Fierce Leading (2) ‘That’s the power of art’

Fierce Leading (3) ‘I get my confidence from knowing that I’m not trying to be something I’m not’

Fierce Leading (4) ‘Being firm on the goals but flexible on the means’

Fierce Leading (5) ‘This is what dignity looks like’

Fierce Leading (6) ‘It’s important to be really committed and do things really well but it’s important to know when to go home’

Love & Revolution

A series inspired by the events, characters and inspiration related and to be found in the queer arts world.

Part One – Outburst

Part Two – Transgender Day of  Remembrance

Part Three – The Hunger Games – Context

Part Three – The Hunger Games – Echoes & Aches

Impromptu British/Irish Sex Week

A series of anonymous stories from women recounting their stories and persepectives of Christian sex culture and education, prompted by similar discussion and accounts in the North American blogosphere in early January 2013.

‘It doesn’t mean they will be able to wait…’

‘But it’s like something deep down in my psyche it is still something that carries anxiety’

‘Feeling forgotten by God is a really shitty feeling….’

‘In reality the whole process of learning to physically love and be loved was magnificent’

‘Within approximately one hour…we were naked on my parent’s living room floor…’

Feminisms Fest

A week long synchroblog exploring what feminism means to me and why it’s important.

I’m Not An Accidental Feminist

What Is At Stake Here

Our Exploding Feminine Mystique

Why marriage?

A series exploring the equal marriage conversations, campaigns and debate.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Advent With Me

A reflective series for Advent 2012

(1)Building Ritual Into A Season

(2)Small People In Small Spaces

(3)Preciousness & Heaviness

(4)Struggling To Keep Up With Awe

(5) Haunted By The Sacred

(6)Finding Space In Geese & Vespers


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