Where April Went…


I’m not sure what happens in cyber/ internet /blog land when it’s quiet here.  But it’s been quiet here- there’s not been much writing. April has seemed to pass in a blur of Easter sunshine, packed lunches, naps and scheduling at both work and home.  Life is summarised pretty neatly in some pink and purple boxes drawn out on A4 on the kitchen door at the moment.  But amidst scooters – presentations – evaluations and facepainting there has been a creative background whir to April which has been curating some material and inspiration for here.  I hope you’ll join me again.

I’ve been reading a book that is both ruining and inspiring my life – I read it in chunks and then have to put it away and take deep breaths – I’ll be writing about it here soon.

And I’ve been meditating on the wonders of the BBC series Rev – episodes that make you laugh multiple times and also weep uncontrollably – something I’ve started to write about and will publish here too.

But in the spirit of coming back to the blog with a bang (as opposed to a whisper) I’m running a series here this week exploring leadership and I’m profiling amazing and diverse leaders that I’ve the privilege to know and/or work with who also happen to be female.  It’s election week here in Northern Ireland.  We’ve had our newsfeeds and (for some of us) our lamposts filled with images of shiny smiles and optimistic interviews.  Talk of change and community is rife – many reflect on the absence of leadership.  This week I’ll be using the space here to explore the values and experiences that have shaped and defined these seriously rated leaders – people who are change makers.   This series has hopes of presenting an alternative perspective to the predictable, frustrating and mostly stale leadership discourse in politics generally, but particularly in Northern Ireland in terms of provoking your considerations about what we should really be looking for when we give people power with our votes.


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