Sweet Moments (1)

Introducing a regular feature here on the blog!  To weigh against some of the critical pieces or heavier topics here I plan to share some things now and again that are causing the hairs to stand up on my arm, my eyes to fill with tears, to dance in the street and generally some deep joy experiences – these that are enough to keep breathing and hoping for.

Here’s two of my favourite pop music listening experiences at the moment.  It’s generally really unsatisfying to actually watch these videos but take some time to listen, a quiet five minutes, close your eyes and curl up in a chair.

Macklemore’s Same Love is amazing (This video is a must-see), I’m surprised that more artists haven’t used their voice to be so outspoken, this is no Gaga defiant track – it’s calling out the bystanders, the safe majority at the same time as making people feel less alone

Now, I’m on the outskirts of any kind of ‘confident truths’ religious rhetoric these days, but as I journey on I find myself taking back words from my past and finding that they mean so much, deep down in my bones and sinew.  I hear these lyrics prophetically and this interpretation in this cover version is pure gospel – in this track the  powerful, radical voice of the sacred is calling us out to discover good, good news.

This next song is sweet – I’m sure the soundtrack of many romances to come.  In a post marriage-as-institution culture, and amidst the queer critique of monogamy, it’s nice now and again to be swept along in all the emotion of never wanting love to end, never wanting someone to leave and the sense that the mundanity of life builds something beautiful in its intimacy (whatever your gender). Indulge me…

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