Haunted By The Sacred – Advent With Me (5)

If you do only one thing today, turn out the light, sit down, close your eyes and listen to this (Veni, Veni Emmanuel – Liberia, soloist Daniel Fontannaz) don’t watch the video, dim your screen down as far as it will go.

Light a candle if it will help…help to make room for the sacred…

We live in a world that is culturally and relationally at odds with the sacred – we dismiss it, we ignore it, we theorise and theologise it, we categorise and critique it and believe or un-believe it.

I like it, I think it’s important.  I think it enhances our experiences, constructions and identities as people, as a planet and as cultures.  I think taking some time to consider it, to breath, listen and go quiet can only draw out our time right now today – wherever we are and that is good.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of crap thrown around , done and delivered in the name of the sacred – but I can’t or don’t want to let those interpretation/doctrine/regulation limit the potential and capacity for the sacred to move us, nourish, nurture and touch us.  The sacred that is all of us, to ourselves and each other, that inspires love, experiences joy and grieves when we are in pain and aches when things are broken.

Take some time to listen to this, drown out the noise of whatever culture you are in, religious or non this Christmas and let the sacred in yourself rise up to embrace beauty, justice and love.



I making an effort to write something reflective each day as the final week of #adventwithme comes to a close.  I would be delighted if you all, who have journeyed in this would like to tweet and/or email or comment what you have got from this discipline this season. #adventwithme


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